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    Build up of the store step by step...


    The story behind FreQuence; the Pixie version...
  • Established May 2003 on idea of Torben Mikkelsen
  • Country of origin: Denmark


  What does FreQuence offer B2B?

        Drivers and other parts for loudspeaker manufactures
      Drivers and other electronic parts for distributors
      Innovation, development and sound tuning of new

     Upgrade sound kits to car audio
      Installation work at Schools, bars, conference rooms, churches
    Primary markets for the above
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Philippines (New) FreQuence PH Electronics Trading established Sept. 2013 (BIR date)


    What does FreQuence offer B2C?
        Home audio Loudspeakers from normal hi-fi to extreme high-end
      Home Cinema in real high quality. Just because it is surround, it does not have to come from cheap plastic boxes!
      DIY Loudspeakers; customers can design their own loudspeakers and we design the sound for such kits
      Single driver and network parts purchase for innovation or repair of broken loudspeaker  

  The private sales are mostly handled from our Danish website:


  Brands & Agencies:


  Wavecor, Scan-Speak, Vifa, Peerless, Tymphany, Conchord,
  Ortofon, Hypex, music hall, Phonar, WBT, Mundorf and more.


  Considered brands:

  • Cambridge Audio for surround amplifiers and DVD players
  • Samsung for TV and streaming devices

  How is FreQuence Unique?


  As the only company known, we can go to a location and measure the acoustics. Based on those data, we can design the optimal
  loudspeakers especially for that location; and we do it with parts from the leading worldwide manufactures.

  FreQuence can offer this service to car audio industry, private customers and of cause a strong tool when it comes to conference
  rooms, churches etc.

    Our brands have an edge over competitors:  

  FreQuence has managed to put together the very best parts available in one concept store. Since Denmark is the birthplace of
  loudspeakers, we are known to build on only the best. Peerless made the first drivers in the world and was founded in 1927 near
  Copenhagen. Then Vifa followed in 1933 were they started to make drivers to B&O. Later we saw even more real high-end companies
  like Scan-Speak in the 70 ties and the great Wavecor products.

  The Loudspeakers brands we sell to day, does all build on those drivers with Danish blood combined with state of the art finish and
  design like Phonar. (Phonar was established just a few kilometers south of the Danish boarder in the city Tarp; Germany. Some of
  the first even play today. The products are known to have a 20-30 year lifetime).

  Whatever brand we take in, must live up to very high standards and be able to complement each other. Like music hall from US made
  by the genius Roy Hall great sound and works well with our loudspeakers.


  Summary of Market:


  In general we can service and do service all segments of the audio market from consumer over loudspeaker manufacturer to
  installation and car audio.


  What do we have in Philippines?

        A more than 10 year old company in Denmark. The leading distribution center in our line of business.
      A store and personal in Davao City, ready to show you kick ass sound sorry; technical term of cause.