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Phonar Credo Reference; (Above) The Master series of true loudspeakers! Build on the finest drivers available; The Danish Scan-Speak Illuminator series. Those drivers has the lowest distortion ever seen in a electro-acoustic transducer.
- So how does that affect me?
Well; it is quite simple; the lower the distortion, the more you hear the real sound, free of noise and ear tiredness when playing loud for longer time. Music becomes a true pleasure; as simple as that!

  Pair/2 incl VAT:            229.295                   285.195                        515.000                                     634.545                                     285.295

Warranty: Cover all factory errors for 10 years! Does not cover burned drivers and abuse.


Visit our store at Abreeza Mall Davao City and please feel free to bring music you know for your personal demo! Bring on USB or CD