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Phonar Ethos 2013; (Above) This is where the fun begin, because we have what some would call an "Entry Line" but actually it is inteligent combination of parts witch make the Ethos more than "Entry Level". First of all we find a combination of Peerless woofers and Wavecor domes in this new version of Ethos!
- So how does that affect me?
Well; it is quite simple; Wavecor is a manufacturer of some of the best drivers in the world. So are Scan-Speak and Peerless. Even in this series you find two of the leading manufactures of drivers; and for a VERY attractive price. Please skip the cheap plastic boxes and stop by to listen to a Phonar Ethos first; the worst there can happen is you own a better speaker for many years:)

  Pair/2 incl VAT:                                               22.965                        45.995
Pr. unit /1 incl. VAT:                                                                                                          28.695                           19.995                            17.245

Warranty: Cover all factory errors for 3 years! Does not cover burned drivers and abuse.


Visit our store at Abreeza Mall Davao City and please feel free to bring music you know for your personal demo! Bring on USB or CD