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Phonar Veritas NEXT; (Above) For this price, you do not find any other music performing loudspeaker witch does it better! Build on very strong Peerless drivers. Peerless was founded in Demark in 1927 and is the worlds oldest manufacturer of transducers.
- So how does that affect me?
Well; it is quite simple; Building on drivers as strong as Peerless in combination with the Veritas finish and inside electronics, you will have your life companion in those loudspeakers. Have a party, enjoy a movie - and do it with style and elegance!

  Retail/per unit (php):                                                                                                                                       77.795                     29.455
Retail pari:                   53.815                   92.195                        124.995                   175.845         

Warranty: Cover all factory errors for 6 years! Does not cover burned drivers and abuse.


Visit our store at Abreeza Mall Davao City and please feel free to bring music you know for your personal demo! Bring on USB or CD