We are happy to announce that FreQuence PH has been acquired by OneAccessology International Corporation (OAIC) located in San Juan City. They saw the strength in having real high-end and Hi-Fi sound available and at the same time, expand the product range for our customers.

In short; you will now find even more products available in the store. The paradigm expansion from only Hi-Fi to PA, installations and much more is now initiated for your convenience.

The continuous co-operation between FreQuence PH & OAIC will, as part our vision, build the strongest platform ever, to make your house the best to live in, with all modern accessories to affordable prices; Welcome to our store in Abreeza Davao City!

Up to 6 month 0 interest on your new Hi-Fi system!
You set the down payment!



How much will you say is fair for one of the best home audio systems in the world...

Well; now you have a chance to negotiate price at the store - or send request on store@frequence.asia

  Phonar Credo: The true master series!
10 years warranty;

From around ₱ 200.000
Phonar Veritas: Unique music reproduction!
6 years warranty;

From around ₱ 40.000

Phonar Ethos: This is where the fun begins!
3 years Warranty;
From around
₱ 15.000

  How to get great sound & Movie HD from PC or streamer...

Visit the store to see how we solved that.

On behalf of the FreQuence Team;

Enjoy the music & Movies

  Music Hall HiFi by Roy Hall...   Music Hall Record Players

Feel free to use our installment plans for your future sound system.

Talk to our staff about what is best for your personal needs.

Contact information:

What to expect:

Abreeza Mall, Store 3048 3rd. Floor
J.P. Laurel Avenue
Davao City, 8000 Philippines
Globe 09 1632 768 30

A store with tons of inspiration for setting up your home audio system - and most important; do it with the leading products!


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